Summer Term – Growth

This term we have been learning about growth, in relation to both human growth and plant growth.

To start of our topic, we looked at human growth using the book ‘Titch’,  and specifically what the children can do now that they couldn’t do as a baby or toddler, and compared the heights of the children (taller than, shorter than).

We used the book ‘Oliver’s vegetables’ to look at vegetables and how they grow.
The children got the opportunity to try 3 different vegetables – cauliflower, broccoli and orange pepper, and they used their senses to describe them. We also made a tally chart to see what the Nursery’s favourite vegetable was.


We used the book ‘The enormous turnip’ to continue to look at vegetables. The children drew observational drawings of a turnip using pastels.


Focusing on the book, ‘Jasper’s beanstalk’, together we made the Nursery’s very own scarecrow to ensure that the seeds we have planted are safe from birds. We had lots of fun making this and using the straw – come and see it in our Nursery garden!


We planted some cress seeds in two different conditions – one with water and without, and have been observing what has been happening to them both.

“They are growing. They are popping out” said Margot, as she observed them.


We made our own beanstalks using paper plates – just likes Jasper’s!


This week, we have been looking at ‘Jack and the beanstalk’. The children have made leaves for a giant beanstalk for our classroom


We will be planting our own beans – come and have a look at them!



What we did this term in Nursery


This term in Nursery, our theme has been dinosaurs.

We have been looking at dinosaur books, fossils and talking about what we already know about dinosaurs.

We talked about and looked at where dinosaurs may have lived and what a dinosaur land may have looked like. We then read ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’, and used this to make our own story – ‘We’re going on a dinosaur hunt’.

The children worked in small groups cooperatively, to draw and describe the land they had made, using the text from ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. Later in the week, the children made a T-Rex using our junk modelling box.

Gina found a mystery egg in her bag.We talked about and predicted what we thought might hatch out of the egg, and Gina wrote down the children’s ideas.

Later in the week, Kay also found another egg in her bag! We talked again about what might hatch out of the egg, and Kay wrote down the children’s predictions.

Some more dinosaur themed activities:


This term we had the chance to plant our own class potatoes in the flower beds in the Nursery playground. We had been observing them last term and waiting patiently for them to chit, before we could plant them.

World Book Day

We celebrated World Book Day in Nursery over two days this year. The children, Kay and Gina dressed up as their favourite book character. We talked about what book the character was from and why we chose them.

We looked at Pip and Posy books, including Pip and Posy: The Scary Monster. We made Monster masks and talked about our emotions – what makes us sad, scared, happy etc.

When looking at rhymes from around the world, we looked at a Spanish rhyme ‘Al corrode la patata’ and an English rhyme of the same tune ‘Ring a ring o’ roses’. Outside, we played ring games with both rhymes, and did some potato printing inside for our Spanish rhyme.



Nursery mark makers of the month – February 2016

In preparation for Mother’s day on 6th March, we have been talking about and doing activities based around our mummies.

This is our display, where the we took photographs of the children and their Mummies to show them how special they are.


One of the ways that the children celebrated Mother’s Day was by drawing pictures of their Mummies at the mark making area.

Here are two of our masterpieces:

                           Katie Froggatt

Katie drew a picture of her mummy and tried to copy the word ‘mummy’ underneath to show who her drawing was of. She was also able to write her name at the top independently.

Well done Katie!

    Ahmed Abousaid


Ahmed drew a picture and was able to explain that it was a drawing of his Mummy.

Well done Ahmed!


Summer Term in the Nursery


In the Nursery we have been planting peas and different flowers. We read the story of The Enormous Turnip and then used different vegetables to make these colourful prints and pastel drawings.


We have been looking at the life cycle of frogs and we decorated our tree like a beautiful blossom tree.


Our talking wall is all about keeping safe. We have talked about always holding an adult’s hand when walking near roads and making sure we wear sun hats and sunglasses when it is really hot outside.


We have been thinking about different occupations that people have and the people that help us. Our role play area is set up like a doctor’s surgery. We have been having fun making our patients better and writing prescriptions.

Spring Term in the Nursery

We have been having lots of fun in the nursery this term. We have been reading the book ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and we have been thinking about our feelings. We have also looked at numbers in the environment and patterns all around us.

Digital Camera Digital Camera

We read the book ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ Michael Rosen. We looked at the last page as the bear is walking away. We talked about how the bear might be feeling. We wrote him letters to say sorry and to try and cheer him up.

We have been looking at patterns all around us. We tried to make stripey patterns.

Digital Camera

We found numbers in the environment. What numbers can you see?

We did a display about the nursery rhyme ‘12345 once I caught a fish alive’Digital Camera Digital CameraWe drew maps to the Bear’s cave.

New Year in Nursery

Digital Camera

We made these rockets and practised counting up to 10 and from 10 down to 0. We even used mini tape machines to record our voices and enjoyed listening to these. We enjoy singing the song ‘Zoom, zoom, zoom, we’re going to the moon!’


Digital Camera

We painted these pictures using block watercolours.

Digital Camera

We enjoy using a variety of construction sets to build models. Can you spot the house?

Digital Camera

We wrote letters to Santa to say thank you for our presents.

Digital Camera


We are learning about the season of winter. We are learning about animals that hibernate in the winter.